Aceptado e indocumentado

Dear Mr. Lopez,

I am pleased to report that the Readership Committee of the Céfiro Seventh Annual Conference has accepted your paper, "Conciencia americana y prefiguración teológica en La loa para el Divino Narciso de Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz" for presentation on Céfiro 2006. Remember that the presentations will be strictly limited to 20 minutes (8-10 typed pages). Please send a hard copies of thefinal paper to me before March 17, 2006, so that I may distribute them to thepanel chairs. In addition, please send a short professional biographical statement for your introduction in the panel discussion. If you are unable to attend, please notify me immediately by e-mail.
Please remember that no papers can be read inabsentia. Allow me to close by once again congratulating you on your achievement. We lookforward to your participation in this year's conference. Meanwhile, take a look at the registration material.
Claudia Tovar
Conference Coordinator

De cualquier manera, aún no llega mi visa.